Operating Hours

The Bar is open
Thursday - Saturday 5 PM - 11 PM

HAPPY HOUR (members only) 5 PM -7 PM

The Kitchen is open Thursday till Saturday 5 PM - 10 PM

Contact: 212-532-4515


Come and enjoy home cooked Estonian food!

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Upcoming events at the New York Estonian House

New York Estonian House Kitchen is now accepting orders for Christmas. Everything is homemade by our cooks Aarne and Maria:

To place orders please contact: 
Maria (text only) (646) 363-8074 
marianigul24@gmail.com or 
Aarne (646) 382-7857

- Verivorstid (blood sausage) $10/lbs
- Hapukapsas (sauerkraut) $6/lbs
- Sült (meat jelly) $8/lbs; $12/2lbs
- Kõrvitsasalat (marinated pumpkin, Estonian style) $8/12oz; $12/24oz
- Marineeritud punapeet (Marinated beets, Estonian style) $8/12oz; $12/24oz
-Pasteet (liver pâté) $6/0.5lbs
- Lihapirukas (meat pirogi) $1.80/pc
- Rosolje (beet salad with herring) $8/lbs; $15/2lbs
- Piparkoogitainas (gingerbread dough) $8/lbs
- Piparkoogi kook (gingerbread cake) $8/lbs; $14/2lbs
- Kaneeli-Rosina peo sai (cinnamon raisin Christmas bread) $12
- Õuna-astelpaju kook (apple tart) $12/lbs

Pick up 12/22- 12/23

Annual Christmas Bazaar

Dec.3. 2016 at 2PM

Saturday December 3rd 2016. At 2pm.

Vendors are encouraged to come sell at the bazaar!
The last date to reserve a table is Tuesday November 22, 2016.

info@estonianhousenewyork.com või 212-684-0336

NY Estonian House Annual Christmas Party

Dec.10. 2016 at 5PM

Saturday December 10th 2016 At 5pm.

Entry Fee: $45 per person, $10 for children under 12

Must pre-register by Monday December 5th.

17:00 Kogunemine/ Gathering (Baaris)
17:45 Tervitus/ Welcoming remarks                   
17:50 NY Eesti Segakoori esitus/ Performance by NY Estonian Mixed Choir
18:15 Õhtusöök/ ChristmasDinner 
18:45 Maaja Duesberg Roos ja Soloist Leila Roos/ Performance by Maaja Duesberg Roos and Soloist Leila Roos
19:15 Magustoit, kohvi, dessert/ coffee
19:30 Jõuluvana, Santa Claus

NYE Party

December 31, 2016- Jan. 1, 2017

New Year Eve Party

Save the Date!!!

Saturday December 31st, 2016

More information to follow....

New York’s mixed choir

Practices are every Thursday
at 6:30 pm

Starts Sept.15, 2016

Contact the Choir

Koorijuht Maaja Roos

Esinaine Eha Brownell

Estonian Folkdance

Saare Vikat
Dance rehearsal:
at 8 - 10.30PM
Starts: 9/23, 10/21, 11/18, ja 12/16
Täpseid kuupäevi
vaata siit

estonian lessons

Edasijõudnutele ja algajatele

English language lessons @ the Estonian House

Small Group Lessons Start in the FALL. Wednesday Evenings 6:30-Low Int/ 8:00-Adv 5 weeks - $125 (80 Min Classes) Low intermediate You speak only in the present and/or simple past. You translate most of what you say in your head. Your pronunciation is hard for others to understand. Advanced You work here but you’re afraid your boss and co-workers don’t take you seriously. You need help writing clearly (use of a/an/the, past perfect is confusing, vocabulary is limited…). CONTACT: EJ (917) 202-7979 (in English) Christiina (212) 684-0336 (in Estonia)


NY Estonian House is a private club. Members of the Estonian Educational Society and their accompanied friends only may use the facilities. Members may bring up to five friends to the NY Estonian House.