25-12-2015 01:21
I am not Estonian,but grew up in middle island,where the Estonian hall was located.I went to school with an Estonian kid named Peter Hint,a fine fellow,and excellent pianist.I also worked as a Laborer for his grandfather,Christian Kelt ,who was a mason contractor,and boy I learned about hard work on that job.As I am now older,and retired from law enforcement in New York,something I nor anyone I knew ever thought I would be involved in,I realize how important the Estonian hall was to its people,after the occupation and persecution of Estonia by the soviets,and just being in the thick of it through two world wars.the Estonians who lived in middle island were good,decent,hard working people,and definitely made Middle Island a better place to live. I guess that's my comment. All the best to all of you Estonians. sincerely,Charlie Worle
15-12-2015 02:20
My mother immigrated in 1949 to Baltimore from Estonia via Dresden then Dillingen. She and her parents (Leinjarv) were from Paarnu. They fled to Dresden during the war, survived the bombing of Dresden (my mother's sister did not make it), then worked for the US military government in Germany after WWII.
Our Baltimore Estonian Society is closing its doors after man years in one location...my grandfather, Alexander Leinjarv was a charter member of that organization.
13-11-2015 22:44
I would like to participate in the blood sausage event. I live in the Philadelphia suburbs and would travel to New York for the event. Do I need to register be a member. My father was John (Arseni) Saar from Parnu; most of his cohort has passed away as he would have been 104 this year. We still have relatives in Estonia.

Would someone please contact me?

15-09-2015 15:58
my fanily is 25% Estonian 75% Latvian.. My fraternity Talavija had it's meetings during the 70"s with you facility.. Is the fraternal room still there? It has been years since I lived in NY.. However you are at the top of my list fot my visit to NYC on Oct 6th and 7th. Nice to find a match between my memories and today.. UZ REDZ .(Latvian) I will see you agnars
29-04-2015 20:45
I have received an e-mail from Jim and Maureen /Tusty (The Singing Revolution )about a fund
to raise money to restore an old church........the Estonian Ev. Martin Luther Church in Wisconsin. The money is to go to Bill (Ito) Rebane, 9885 U S Hwy 2, Saxon, Wi. 54559
bajecenturytel.net 715-893-2254 www.gofundme.com/Estonian Church.
Has anyone any information regarding this fund? I would appreciate any information regarding this cause.
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