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Whether you’re a competitor or a spectator, Eesti Spordiliit is committed to creating the sporting experiences and events that bring Estonians together to celebrate their friendships and culture. Through your support, Eesti Spordiliit has served Estonian athletes and the North American Estonian community for over 50 years.

Eesti Spordiliit USA (ESL) was launched in 1954 following a September 18th East Coast Masters volley ball tournament at Pine Terrace New York.

The original seven founders/competitors who declared and inaugurated the organizations future activities included: Meinhard Kaju, Raimond Pals, Elam Piktjaan, Ernst Roost, Heinrich Savo, Ferdinand Tammann and Kalle Vellenurme. 

ESL first annual meeting took place on Jan 9th, 1955 at the NY Estonian House where the ESL charter and by-laws were sanctioned. The primary goal of ESL was to develop and foster sporting activities and events amongst Estonian organizations throughout the USA.

The ESL emblem (logo) was developed by the artist Peet Aren and depicts Estonian folklore hero “Kalvipoeg” launching a large stone. An ESL flag bearing the emblem was also created in 1977 and is proudly displayed at ESL events.

Over the years, ESL has been devoted to creating and sustaining sports related events for young Estonians. Every summer ESL coordinates athletic events at Lakewood and Long Island that offer kids, teenagers and adults the opportunity to compete and bond with fellow Estonians. Competitive events include: track & field, swimming, bowling, tennis, volleyball and golf.

ESL has also been instrumental in helping to fund, build and sustain the sports venues that are used at these events e.g. swimming pool, volleyball, basketball, tennis courts along with track and field sites.

Another popular ESL event is the annual “Sports Ball” where every fall people of all ages gather to support and celebrate the traditions that the founding sports leaders created more than 50 years ago.

Upcoming Events

Eesti Spordiliit USA


Based on the strong turnout and great feedback from 2017, Mt Tremblant was once again selected to bring together Canadian & USA Estos on March 1-4, 2018

The unique Quebec venue delivers an amazing European experience. The Mt Tremblant pedestrian village awaits you with its lodging, shopping, dining and nightlife while the highest mountain in the Laurentians offers more trails, snow parks, lifts and snow-making than any other resort in the region.





Chalet des Voyageurs (walking distance from all lodgings) -  6:30pm start
Cocktail hour, buffet dinner, racing awards ceremony and dancing!

Saturday Awards Dinner Tickets

Adult Tickets (Age 12 & up) - $68
Kids Tickets (Age 6 to 11 under 5 Free) - $34
please note…PayPal’s shopping cart cannot combine adult and kid ticket into one purchase. While you can select quantities for both, you’ll need to process separate transactions for adult & kids tickets.

2018 DOWNHILL RACE – sponsored by
Great News…this year’s race (Saturday morning) will be sponsored by Eesti Shitkapital Kanadas and ESL…there will be no race fees charged! Please email Andrus Ers to register for racing. Be sure to include the following info in your email sign-up: Full name, age, and if skier or boarder.  



The Mt Tremblant lodgings bureau is holding discounted blocks of rooms at the following:


See PDF for details on room options and prices. Please note rates are quoted in Canadian dollars (today's exchange rate = US $1.00 = $1.26 CA)

The steps for securing both lodgings and lift tickets are as follows:

1 - Reserve all properties by calling 1 866-783-5720
2 - Identify yourself as a member of Estonian Ski Club
use booking code: 20462T
4 - If you are booking the Westin Resort & Spa - use booking code: ESTOSC

If your preferred room type is not listed - they can help you find accommodations under our group codes at these properties


Our group lift ticket rates are also listed on the attachment. Lift tickets are available now
You will book your lift ticket order directly with the Mt Tremblant lodging rep

Hotel info:
Click here PDF
For more details and registration info:
Please contact Aini Maripuu for more details and registration information:


More Events coming 2018

LI Lastesuvekodu
Võrkpallilaager Kanadas
Lakewoodi Eesti Mängud
Lakewood Skautlaager
Golf Tournament

Past Events

2017 Mt Tremblant Suusapäevad

Over 150 USA and Canadian ESTOS converged on Mt Tremblant, Quebec on March 9th for a 3-day weekend of skiing, snow boarding and socializing.
The group was fairly evenly split between our friends from the north and USA ESTOS. That said, there was a noticeable and welcome new contingent of teens & 20s, who all seemed to enjoy the weekend and were “tearing up the dance floor” at the traditional Saturday evening awards dinner/party thanks to our great DJ Stefan Skonberg who knew exactly what tunes to play. The evening ended with some great folkdancing and sentimental Estonian songs.

Also on the itinerary this year was an apres-ski hospitality function hosted by Eesti Spordiliit USA. The private Library Room at Sommet Des Neiges hotel was packed with ESTOS who had a 3 hour opportunity to mingle and make new friends.

The traditional ski race which took place at 10am on Saturday morning was greeted by - 25 C temperature and howling winds. Despite the frigid weather, 60 of the 72 registered racers braved the harsh climate with several experiencing mild frost-bite. The Mt Tremblant race coordinators  did not have a timing hut at the bottom of the race course and also fell victim to frostbite  with one needing medical attention at the end of our 2-hour event.

The conditions unfortunately made it very difficult for the 2 ski school employees to accurately record times - so regrettably, some of the results were not properly documented. To the few who raced and did not get timing results…I once again apologize for the unfortunate weather related “results malfunction” delivered by the Mt Tremblant race coordinator.

For the group of 60 racers we did get times for, here are Eesti Spordiliit sponsored trophy & medal recipients:

Trophy Winners

Parim Mees Suusataja - Connor Obrien 21.41
Parim Nais Suusataja - Mari Timmusk 25.93
Parim Noor Suusataja – Wade Ashford  28.77
Parim Noor Preili Suusataja - Sarah Mannik 29.76
Parim Noor Harra Suusataja - Hendrik Jaakobson 25.42
Parim Nais Lumelaudur - Natalie Jalakas 44.38
Parim Mees Lumelaudur - August Jalakas 37.04

EAAA Medals Winners Skiers:

Girls 12
Sarah Mannik – Gold 29.76
Toni Mannik - Silver 30.73
Young Ladies 14 to 18
Martha Mannik - Gold
Julia Aasmaa - Silver
Heili Poolsaar - Bronze
Ladies  20s
Mari Timmusk – Gold 25.92
Ladies  30s
Kaja-Kai Ojamaa – Gold 30.26
Kristina Nielander – Silver 32.30
Maria Becker – Bronze 34.87
Ladies 50s
Linda Nagy – Gold 28.60
Karin Jogi – Silver 44.17
Ladies Senior
Karin Must – 31.98
Leili Pede-Foster – 32.31
Mari Teedla – 39.62
Boys 10
Lukas Becker – Gold 36.28
Young Men 14 to 15
Henry Ashford – Gold 29.48
Joosep Juhkam – Silver 29.94
Young Men 15 to 19
Wade Ashford - Gold 28.77
Cedrik Moore - Silver 32.42
George Ashford III - Bronze 35.02
Men 20s
Hedrik Jakobson – Gold 25.42
Karl Hantho – Silver 33.71
Men 30s
Alex Shonberg – Gold 26.93
Eero Teene – Silver 27.36
Allan Marley – Bronze 28.09
Men 40s
Peeter Poolsaar – Gold 35.01
Men 50s
Connor Obrien – Gold 21.41
Mark Hantho – Silver 23.61
Robert Juhkam – Bronze 23.67
Men 60s
Renee Volgrin - Gold 23.58
Valter Must – Silver 26.38
Tom Schonberg – Bronze 26.93
Men Seniors
Peeter Teedla – Gold 32.40
Jaak Vilms – Silver 41.90
Snow Boarders:
Young Ladies 15
Natalie Jalakas - Gold 44.38
Ingrid Nagy – Gold 49.66

Young Men 15 to 17
Julius Jalakas – Gold 37.04
August Jalakas – Silver 42.78
Erik Must – Gold 37.27
Olev Aivo – Silver 40.30
Peter Bodtke – Bronze 45.64

  • Complete race results can be found by clicking the following link:
Race results (pdf)


50 aastat – Ida Ranniku Eesti suusavõistlusi

Nagu hiljuti oli mainitud Vaba Eesti Sõnas, kogunes ligi 200 eestlast ajavahemikul 9-10 märtsini 2012, et üheskoos tähistada 50 aasta möödumist Eesti Idaranniku Suusapäevade algusest.

Mõned tuntumad võistlejad ja organiseerijad on huvi tundnud Suusapäevade täpse algusaja kohta. Vaba Eesti Sona arhiivist võib leida infot, et esimesed  suusa* auhinnad anti valja Killington suusamael 1962 ja trofee voitjateks olid:

Mehed :          1) Riho Melts               2)  Arno Tamm           3) Rein Grabbi
Naised:           1) Gitta Soot                2) Aime Martinson      3) Maret Elkens

* Kahjuks ei olnud 1962 aastal veel “Snowboarder” kategooriat!

Alates aastast 1962 kuni tänaseni on mitmeid erinevaid gruppe neid lõbusaid suusanädalõppe organiseerinud. Nende hulka kuuluvad New Yorgi Eesti Üliopilaskond, Esto Suusa Klubi ja ka Eesti Spordiliit USA’s. Korraldajate gruppi on läbi erinevate aastate kuulunud: Virko Keder, Villu Salmre, Harry Must, Rein Luning, Ants Tomson, Lembit Pustrom, Riho Melts, Viktor Serspinski, Kristin Raamot, ja viimased 5 aastat Aini Maripuu ning Andrus Ers.

Suure juubeli tähistamisele on palju aega pühendanud ning väga suure panuse andnud Ly ja Toomas Kilm, kes on kokku kogunud Suusapäevadel osalejate fotod alates aastast 1962 Killingtoni mäel kuni sel aastal toimunud Suusapäevadega. Nad on haruldasele DVD-le kokku koondanud üle 800 foto, mida saadab kaunis muusika ja imetoredad mälestused ning mille pikkuseks on 70 minutit.

“Esto Racing DVD” maksab $25 ja kõik rahad lähevad Eesti Spordiliit USA’s toetuseks.  Seda  DVD’d saab tellida Spordiliidu käest.

Palun kirjutage tsekk “EAAA - Estonian American Amateur Athletes” ja saatke :

Reino Truumees
137 Lookout Drive
Mountain Lakes, NJ  07046

Lõpetuseks: järgmine 50 aastat suusatamist algab 7-10 märtsil 2013 Jay Peak, Vermontis – palun pange see kuupäev  juba varakult kalendritesse!

Näeme Suusamäel!
Andrus Ers